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Who We Are
The HR Leadership Forum is composed of strategic HR thinkers who seek leading-edge thought leadership and practices. We provide cutting-edge knowledge, quality content and a valuable network of connections that focus on personal development and integration of people and strategy for improved organization performance. Our diversity creates a dynamic member experience by bringing together thought leaders, practitioners and academic research in a close-knit community rich in strategic knowledge and expertise so that HR leaders can maximize their professional potential, advance the HR profession, and positively drive organization performance.

We are a not-for-profit volunteer organization chartered to meet the needs of  public, private, government and nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

Many companies today believe that what differentiates them from their competition is their people. If that is true, then human resources professionals must be effective leaders in their organizations. That means more that planning. It means anticipating marketplace and workforce change, continual learning, demonstrating creativity and innovation, collaborating to identify optimal solutions, embracing change and leading others to make change happen effectively.

To be effective in today's world, we must be willing to explore, share and learn from others. HR Leadership Forum encourages and supports these types of behaviors. We are more than planners, functional experts and managers: we are effective leaders in our organizations; we make more timely recommendations and decisions than ever before. The HR Leadership Forum is where leaders in human resources stay at the top of their game. It's where organizations come for HR leadership ideas.

The mission of the HR Leadership Forum is to enhance the effectiveness of our members and improve the performance of our organizations. We accomplish this by providing our members with best-in-class thought leadership in the strategic management of human , and productive and engaging peer networking opportunities.

The HR Leadership Forum will accomplish our mission by:

  • Identifying innovative practical solutions linked to business outcomes

  • Identifying emergent trends and their strategic implications

  • Serving as resources and mentors to each other and our region's organizations

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